General Information

What is Deerasa?

Deerasa is a business plan software created for startups, small businesses and home-based businesses to enable them to build winning business plans quickly and easily. With step-by-step guidance in each and every section, our software will work out the calculations and format giving instant outcomes.

How will Deerasa help me?

A business plan is fundamental for your business needs, just check out our blog post Improve Your Business: Why You Need a Business Plan (link) to see how a business plan can help you.

What do I need to complete my Deerasa business plan?

Deerasa is flexible in the sense you can give as little or as much information as you want. The aim is to set your goals and provide the correct information (Deerasa asks all the right questions) to see instant, streamlined results.

Deerasa Software Information

How many years of projections can I do?

We think it’s unrealistic to forecast for lengthy periods of time which is why Deerasa makes projections for up to three years in order to suit the fast­changing world. You can however update your business plan annually.

How many business plans can I create?

You can create up to 3 -10 business plans in either English or Arabic.

Can I change the layout, format and colors of my business plan?

No, at this stage you can’t change layouts and Colors.

Can I use Deerasa without an internet connection?

We’re afraid not as Deerasa is an online application, so in order to use it you must be Connected to the internet.

What browsers work for Deerasa?

Deerasa is fully supported and has been tested on the following browsers

Windows: Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 8.
Mac: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

Do you have an app for Deerasa?

Not yet!

Pricing and Subscription

How much does Deerasa cost?

The two pricing plans include a 3 day free trial, downloadable PDF and an investment pitch and summary. The first pricing plan is $160 (SAR 600) for 6 month package and you can create up to 3 business plan and the second pricing plan is $320 (SAR 1200) for a year and it allows you to create 10 Business plans.

If suppose my Deerasa purchased subscription has been expired, but later i wish to access my plans again after sometime, will my business plans still exist?

Your business plans will still be there waiting for you to reorder same subscription  you can get back your plans with full access.

Downloading & Printing Your Business Plan

What download formats are supported for Deerasa?

Currently only PDF format is available for download of completed business plans and executive summaries.

Can I print/download a specific section of my plan instead of the entire thing? Eg. I just want to print Financial Projections.

You can, but it depends on your browser. There is also a separate ‘Executive Summary’ section where you can download info graphics and charts.

I am trying to download the PDF but it’s taking a while...

Deerasa will take a few minutes to calculate the projections, add charts and graphics, etc. Whilst processing you will see a loading message on the screen which once completed, will allow you to view the PDF version of your final business plan.

I cannot download the PDF at all...

If you do not complete the financial section, we can’t create a PDF for you. Deerasa needs you to input your assumptions in order to provide financial results.

User Access and Privacy

How many users can access my business plan?

Currently, only one user per business plan has access. Shortly we will introduce Share feature.

Is my business plan safe ­ can other people read it?

Please check our privacy policy and terms of use for more FAQ.

 Need more help ?  

Our customers have asked and we responded. Why not  email us here.

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